Memory king Arpan Sharma

Record Set

Sharma was shown four colors – redwhiteblue,and black – on a laptop monitor 200 times, each color for two seconds. He was then blindfolded and asked to identify the color that appeared on the monitor. The four colors were shown 200 times randomly on the monitor and a blind-folded Sharma identified the colour on the monitor. He was right 165 times out of 200.

The previous record was held by Sancy Suraj Singh with 160 correct identifications.

Sharma remembered the arrangements of 42 objects in a minute in a program organized by Industrial And Commercial Association Damak JhapaNepal.


Arpan Sharma (Kattel) completed his secondary schooling from S.S. Niketan English Boarding High School, Bhadrapur, Jhapa. He undertook higher education in Mechi Multiple CampusJhapa Nepal.


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