Course Description

Bachelor of veterinary science and animal husbandary is a five years course under the faculty of agriculture.The main aim of this programme is to prepare skilled and compentent manpower in the area of livestock health production and management.The cirriculum have been designed to integrate basic,production and management,pratical and clinical subjects to impart both extensive and intensive knowledge in the veterinary clinical science ,animal breeding ,livestock production and management.

Admission Guidelines

Course of Study

1st Semester

  • Gross Anatomy-I
  • Gross Anatomy-II 
  • General Biochemistry
  • Cattle and Buffalo Production 
  • Principles and Practices of Fodder Production
  • Principles of Economics
  • Rural Sociology
  • Work Experience Program

2nd Semester

  • Gross Anatomy-III 
  • General Histology & Embryology
  • Physiology-I
  • Physiological Chemistry
  • Sheep and Goat Production (LPM II)
  • Principles of Animal Nutrition
  • Wildlife, Bee and Pet Animal Management
  • Farm Management, Production Economics and Planning 
  • Work Experience Program

3rd Semester   

  • Systemic Histology 
  • Physiology-II
  • Parasitology-I
  • Microbiology-I
  • General Pathology
  • Applied Animal Nutrition
  • Pig and Poultry Production
  • Clinical Biochemistry
  • Principle of Genetics and Animal Breeding
  • Introductory Icthiology

4th Semester

  • Physiology-III
  • General and CNS Pharmacology 
  • Parasitology-II 
  • Microbiology-IISystemic Pathology
  • Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology
  • Applied Animal Nutrition II
  • Principle and Practices of Pasture Management
  • Principles of Aquaculture
  • Agricultural Statistics

5th Semester 

  • Environmental Hygiene 
  • Epidemiology
  • Computer application
  • Autonomic and Systemic Pharmacology 
  • Parasitology-III
  • Microbiology-III 
  • Fundamentals of Agricultural Extension
  • Physiology - IV 
  •  Applied Anatomy
  • Special Pathology
  • Animal Product Technology

6th Semester

  • Agricultural Communication
  • Chemotherapy
  • Toxicology
  •  Parasitology-IV
  • Microbiology-IV
  • Poultry Pathology & Oncology
  • Internal Medicine-I 
  •  Clinical Practice-I 
  • Selection & Mating System
  • Social Mobilization and Community Development 

7th Semester

  • Agribusiness Management, Marketing and Cooperatives 
  • Theriogenology-I
  •  General Surgery & Anaesthesiology
  • Radiology
  • Internal Medicine-II 
  • Preventive Medicine-I 
  •  Clinical Practices-II 
  •  Fish Diseases

8th Semester 

  • Agricultural Project Planning
  • Theriogenology-II
  • Introduction to Dairy Science
  • Regional and Clinical Surgery-I
  •  Internal Medicine-III
  • Preventive Medicine-II
  •  Clinical Practices-III 
  • Clinical Conference I 
  •  Applied Human Nutrition
  •  Meat Inspection and Abbatoir Practices

9th Semester 

  •  Theriogenology-III 
  • Theriogenology-IV
  •  Regional & Clinical Surgery-II
  • Preventive Medicine-III 
  •  Ethics & Jurisprudence
  • Clinical Practices-IV 
  • Clinical Conferences-II 
  • Principles of Dairy Technology
  • Zoonosis and Public Health
  • Animal Breeding and Biotechnology

10th Semester

  •  Internship  Six months


Institutions Offering This Course

Top Colleges

NAMI College Jorpati , Kathmandu
Goldengate International College Old Baneshwor, Battisputali , Kathmandu
Himalaya School / College Koteshwor Chowk , Kathmandu
Jaya Multiple Campus Gokarneshwor-08, Makalbari , Kathmandu

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